About the Observatory


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the number 1 killer globally, claiming an estimated 18.6 million lives every year. 

Accurate, timely and accessible data can be a gamechanger in the fight against CVD. 

The Problem

Valuable data initiatives for non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease exist, but they span different platforms, organizations, and methodologies. 

There is a need for those initiatives to be mapped, collated and curated to transform health data into actionable knowledge. 

The Solution

The World Heart Federation aims to become the reference organization for information, knowledge and policy in the global cardiovascular sphere.

As part of our strategic objectives, we are launching the World Heart Observatory: a knowledge hub that curates, aggregates and visualizes data on cardiovascular conditions, biological risk factors, social determinants of health, and health systems and policy responses. 

Together with trusted partners, WHF is developing the Observatory in stages, as:

  1. An online hub for existing but disconnected data initiatives in the cardiovascular health space 
  2. An online hub for WHF’s data projects, including CVD Scorecards, Roadmap Surveys, and the Global Study on COVID-19 and CVD 
  3. A searchable dashboard of our Members’ data projects 
  4. A driver of capacity building around data in cardiovascular health 
  5. A generator of new analysis with data from our Members and partners 

CVD impact of the World Heart Observatory 

Inform evidence-based decision-making for health at population level, identify gaps and research needs, develop capacity for CVD data collection among our Members and other heart health organizations, and create a forum for research and debate for cardiovascular health.

15 May

May 2022

WHF will display its Members’ data collection and analysis projects in an open and searchable dashboard.
15 Jul

July 2022

WHF and its partners will update the Observatory with data and visualisations on CVD governance, policy, financing, access to essential CVD medicines and health workforce.
15 Sep

September 2022

The Observatory will continue to be updated with additional epidemiological data and visualisations related to risk factors and to progress achieving global CVD targets, including the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 3.4.
15 Dec

December 2022

Release the one-year report of the World Heart Observatory, taking stock of the state of the world’s heart.